WASHINGTON, D.C. - This weekend, the Senate released a border security bill that would permanently decimate our asylum system in exchange for one-time funding to Ukraine and Israel. The proposed bill would have catastrophic effects on an already under-resourced system by pursuing ineffective policies and by creating a new heightened asylum review process that will send people back to dangerous situations.

Letter to the Administration Requesting Humanitarian Parole for Sudan

On January 30th, 2023, African Communities Together issues a letter to the Biden administration requesting humanitarian parole for Sudan. 

Parole allows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to permit an individual or a certain group of people to legally enter the U.S. for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.

African Communities Together Denounces President Biden’s Promise to Shut Down Asylum Access at the Border

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- African Communities Together is shocked and appalled by President Biden’s recent statement promising to shut down asylum access at the border and put families and individuals in danger.

Liberia DED: Applying for Work Authorization

On June 27, President Biden announced that he was extending and expanding Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for certain Liberians. His announcement (1) defers the deportation of Liberians who had DED as of June 30, 2022; (2) defers the deportation of Liberians who have been present in the U.S. since May 20, 2017; (3) provides work authorization for these individuals; and (4) provides travel authorization, at the discretion of DHS. DED protection is available through June 30, 2024.