July 2016 Member of the Month


Meet the July Member of the Month, Lawrence Bureh! Lawrence has been an active member of African Communities Together since 2013.

Where are you from?

I am Sierra Leonean.

What African song reminds you most of being home in Sierra Leone?

One of my favorite native songs is titled, "You Reap What Ever You Sow."

How has your involvement in the African community been an inspiration to you?

Seeing the good work ACT does throughout the African community is a huge source of inspiration for me. ACT takes an active role in enriching members through immigration assistance. As a Temporary Protected Status recipient, I am able to pay my taxes and also help improve the lives of my family back at home in Sierra Leone. In addition, ACT's work also connects our community to good jobs. Our people deserve more than low paying jobs without any rights. I love working hard for both me and my family.

What is one local activity you enjoy doing around the City? 

Around New York City, I enjoy working hard, though my work is never done in vain. Also, I enjoy spending time on the Brooklyn Bridge and hope to see a similar one built in Sierra Leone. Lastly, my other favorite activity is DINNER! I like to go out to dinner with members of the clergy from time to time.

What is your vision for the African community moving forward?

Finally, my dream is that the Department of Homeland Security will reauthorize Temporary Protected Status for our brothers and sisters from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.