WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Today, Tuesday June 4, 2024, President Biden issued an executive order that will limit entry and restrict asylum requests at the southern border. Under this directive, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security may shut down the border and turn away asylum seekers if a daily entry cap of 2,500 is reached. The border will remain closed until the daily entry number falls to 1,500. President Biden uses the same authority to institute these actions as former President Trump used in instituting the Muslim & African bans.


To invest in more restrictions at the border, rather than increased resources such as language access, is a direct attack on all immigrants and disproportionately affects Black migrants. Relying on border policies like these fans the flames of racist and xenophobic immigration tactics that continuously deny individuals and families fleeing danger their legal right to seek asylum. 


“We are deeply disappointed in this administration's continued use of failed Trump-era tactics to restrict asylum access in this country,” said Diana Konaté, Deputy Executive Director of Policy & Advocacy, African Communities Together.  “Seeking safety and the desire to preserve one's life is a human right and seeking asylum is a legal right under U.S. and international law.  It is outrageous that the Biden administration is, in essence, putting up a wall to prevent migrants from obtaining protection in the U.S.  We call on President Biden to recommit to his stated goal of creating an orderly and humane immigration system.  We call on him to use his executive authority to provide administrative relief to longtime immigrants and to pursue welcoming policies for those seeking safety.”