Target Ebola, Not Africans!- African Communities Together

African immigrants in the U.S. have experienced a wave of harassment, discrimination, and bullying since an Ebola epidemic broke out in three Western African countries and isolated cases arrived in the U.S.


In response, African Communities Together is launching the African Community Defense Project to track, expose, and respond to these incidents, and offer support to African immigrants around the country who are experiencing Ebola stigma. We are calling for governments, health care providers, and the public to "Target Ebola, Not Africans"!


African immigrants can share their own stories via the African Community Defense Project website, or by calling ACT's hotline: (347) 746-2281.


If you are an African immigrant who is looking for legal information about how to file a complaint, or health information about the Ebola virus, or if you are a journalist doing a story about the impact of Ebola stigma on African immigrant communities, please get in touch.


And please share this resource with African community members who need to know about it!


Join us to raise a powerful new African voice for progress!