African Communities Together has been involved in a number of significant lawsuits, either as a plaintiff or supporting our members who are plaintiffs in the case.  Without changes and improvements in our policies, our communities face many roadblocks and are often threatened with being uprooted from their families and communities.

Lawsuits that ACT has been involved in include:

  • Ramos v. Nielsen (summary & case development) - Challenging the improper termination of TPS for Sudan, El Salvador, Haiti, and Nicaragua.

  • African Communities Together v. Trump (press release) - Challenging the improper termination of DED for Liberia.

  • La ClĂ­nica de la Raza et al. v. Trump et al. (press release) - Arguing that the public charge regulation is unconstitutional.

  • E.B. v. Department of State (press release) - Challenging a rule that requires all diversity visa applicants have valid passports before they are able to register for the program.