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Immigration Program. Many African immigrants who don’t have their papers struggle with an unfair immigration system. ACT’s Immigration Program is raising an African voice for fair immigration reform. Our priorities include fighting for permanent status for holders of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) from Somalia, Sudan, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and South Sudan; fighting to save the Diversity Visa ("green card lottery") program that admits 20,000 African immigrants each year; and fighting to save and expand humanitarian immigration, including refugee resettlement and asylum. ACT organizes the City of Refuge Coalition, which has mobilized thousands of New Yorkers to make refugees welcome and stop family separation.

Jobs Program. African immigrants often struggle to find decent jobs in America, despite a wealth of skills and education. The Jobs Program is helping African workers protect their rights on the job, develop African-owned small businesses and co-ops, and connect our communities to job opportunities. ACT has helped raise wages for thousands of African workers at DC airports through the passage of the DC Airports Wage Policy. We have fought for justice from a garbage hauling company whose illegal practices resulted in the death of one of its African employees. Currently, we are helping create a worker co-op of African language services professionals and organizing New York's African hair braiders to reform state licensing of their industry.

Language Access Campaign. The services that African immigrants need to integrate and advance are often not accessible or culturally competent. ACT led the successful policy campaign to require all New York City agencies to add French and Arabic to the languages for which they provide translation. Through our Community Interpreter Program, we are training multilingual African immigrants and matching them with agencies that need paid interpreters and translators. And we are building a worker co-op of African language services professionals. If you are looking for African language interpretation, or interested in work as an interpreter, please email Maimouna Dieye, ACT Program Manager, at

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Programs and Campaigns
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