WASHINGTON, D.C. - This weekend, the Senate released a border security bill that would permanently decimate our asylum system in exchange for one-time funding to Ukraine and Israel. The proposed bill would have catastrophic effects on an already under-resourced system by pursuing ineffective policies and by creating a new heightened asylum review process that will send people back to dangerous situations.

“In the midst of heightened crises across the globe, and unprecedented displacement of millions due to climate change, war, and economic recessions, our legislators are proposing dismantling one of the few legal tools we have as a nation to aid and protect those in need, our asylum system,“ said Diana Konaté, National Policy Director, African Communities Together. “Not only does this legislation fail to address the real issues at our borders, but it goes against our stated value of being a welcoming nation and builds on the tyrannical legacy of the Trump administration. Our humanity cannot continuously be bargained away in these political games.”

In fiscal year 2023, a record 58,000 Africans sought asylum through the southern border.  As a rising number of African migrants flee life-threatening conditions in their home countries in search of safety and a better life, we cannot stand by as our immigration system is further destroyed. We cannot stand by as asylum is gutted. 

“I left my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo because I was tortured and received death threats and was fearful for my life. The United States of America provided me with safety through asylum. Limiting the program will cause harm to us and others, and we implore Congress to continue to protect us by protecting the asylum program.” -G. Asylum Seeker, ACT Member

We urge our Senators to work collaboratively to ensure that no person in need is stripped of this important lifeline and that we continue to maintain our global position as a beacon of safety and welcome.  We strongly urge Senators to VOTE NO on the bill and instead seek humane and effective solutions that resource our immigration system and stand for immigrants. 



African Communities Together is an organization of African immigrants fighting for civil rights, opportunity, and a better life for our families here in the U.S. and worldwide.