Southern Towers Residents Protest Eviction Amid Pandemic 

James Cullum

December 10, 2020 at 4:45pm

“My money for food!” shouted a vocal group of tenants facing eviction at the Southern Towers apartment complex in the West End on Thursday.

Entrepreneurs Challenge Governmental Constraints On African Hair Braiders

December 9, 2020

By Naeisha Rose

“There is no added value, we already know how to braid. It doesn’t make sense to go take a long class to get a diploma for something you have already mastered.” — Awa Doumbia, salon owner. 

New York, NY – The natural hair industry has grown immensely among the Black diaspora in recent years, resulting in more Black people using fewer chemicals to straighten their hair to fit white beauty standards and more local beauty businesses selling natural hair products to style Afros and curls.

The U.S. Immigrant Rights Movement Plans for a New Vision Under Biden



In the final installment of a three-part ‘Rolling Stone’ conversation on immigration, movement leaders reflect on what they learned from fighting Trump, and how that can translate to bigger wins


“The history and the story of immigration here is one of, primarily, exploitation,” says Isa Noyola.

‘It doesn’t feel very real': Liberian immigrants in US rejoice at pathway to citizenship

December 20, 2019 · 2:00 PM EST


December 20, 2019 · 9:00 PM EST

By Tania Karas

Legal status for thousands of Liberians in US hangs on court decision

October 11, 2019 · 4:00 PM EDT

By Tania Karas

Yatta Kiazolu stood outside the federal courthouse in Worcester, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, clutching a loudspeaker as she and a group of Liberian immigrants chanted: 

“What do we want?” 


“When do we want it?” 


“Now” is essential to Kiazolu and many other Liberians in the US. 

The Fight Against Trump’s Other Family Separation Policy

E. Tammy Kim, with art by Molly Crabapple

This week, on August 14, a federal appeals court will hear oral argument from attorneys for the Department of Homeland Security, on the one hand, and Temporary Protected Status holders, on the other, as to whether the terminations should occur as originally scheduled. For Maribel Hernández Rivera, the litigation is personal.

AOC Went Back to Where She Came From: New York City

AOC Went Back to Where She Came From: New York CityA recent town hall on immigration shows that Ocasio-Cortez’s local support isn’t going anywhere.By Celisa CalacalAcacia Handel and Molly MintaJULY 24, 2019

‘Confused and fearful’: New Yorkers grapple with Trump immigration policies

‘Confused and fearful’: New Yorkers grapple with Trump immigration policies

US immigration

Residents of Jackson Heights, one of New York’s most diverse neighborhoods, are concerned the new ‘public charge’ rule will put families at risk



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